The City of Dallas has purchased a notification system called Communicator NXT that will replace  IAMRESPONDING. This system has a LOT more capability for us. TX-TF2 is going to be one of the  pilot programs for first utilizing this system.   The system will notify you by phone call, text, and email.   The first step is for you to self-register in the system.  Please follow the Self-Registration Portal instructions. You will be asked to provide some information  such as phone numbers and email addresses in the Self-Registration process.   Your username will be your email address.   You will be asked to provide an NXT User ID. This will be a number only, so keep it simple.  Choose a number that you can remember such as your employee ID or your personal cell phone  number.   You will also receive an email that you must respond to for the registration process to be complete.   Communicator NXT NXT Self-Registration Portal